To Give or Not to Give? Using Corporate Gifting as a Marketing Strategy

To Give or Not to Give? Using Corporate Gifting as a Marketing Strategy

Corporate gifting is one of the best (and most underutilised) marketing strategies that a business can deploy to help boost brand awareness and establish new relationships.

Staying at the forefront of your customers' minds is important and sending personalised branded goods to a client is not just a chance to give your company more exposure, but an opportunity to generate new sales leads.

If your business doesn't see the value or benefit of using corporate gifting as a key part of your marketing strategy - here are 4 reasons that might change your mind.


1. Enhance your brand recognition 

Branded gifts have been used by businesses to build recognition for years, and regardless of whether the overall goal is to attract new clients, build a better relationship with existing ones, or to reward employees – gift giving should be an essential part of any company's marketing plan.

Most customers will have a better impression of a company after receiving a gift or promotional merchandise, meaning you can improve or even change your businesses image by using carefully thought out and personalised gifts that reinforce your brand and message. 


Create lasting awareness & loyalty

A gift hamper is one thing. A branded tube with goods packed to create a sequence of discovery is another. 

If executed correctly, companies can harness the immense potential of distinctive branding by giving a gift that not only tells a story about their business, but also relates back to the relationship they have with the recipient. 

The key here is that it needs to be memorable and all elements must be considered. Packaging is often overlooked, but it is an integral part of the experience and research shows that if a client receives a memorable gift not only will they recall your brand, but also 79% would be likely to do business with the same company again.


3. Giving keeps the lines of communication open

Gift giving shouldn’t only be viewed as a chance to give your brand more exposure, but also as an open lead towards a sales opportunity. 

Think about what happens when your gift arrives at your recipient’s office – they will most likely be in contact to thank you, giving you the chance to discuss further opportunities. 

Especially if your gift arrives in a colourful branded tube with thoughtful goods – it will sit on their desk for days, people will ask them where they received it from and it will keep you at the forefront of their mind.


4. The advantage of giving all year round

Corporate gifting can be cost-effective when done correctly, allowing it to become an increasingly important tool that companies can use to gain leverage in a competitive market. Therefore, gift giving doesn’t have to revolve around the holidays – businesses can benefit from the advantages of giving all year around. 

Think promotional gifts to mark the launch of a new product, internal gifts to employees to show them you value their work, or settlement gifts to key clients once you have closed a deal.

Smart givers understand that this is one of the fastest ways to build brand loyalty, motivate their workers, and encourage return business.  

Regardless of the situation where companies might give gifts – the reason remains the same: to affirm working relationships, boost brand awareness, and enhance the personal connection between giver and the recipient.  

Curating, packing and shipping corporate gifts to your key clients is most likely not your specialty, and nor should it be! The Goods Tube makes it easy by offering a fresh approach to giving, all in an iconic tube. 

Contact us about how we can help you curate a gift that…

1. Has purpose and is personal
2. Holds quality over quantity
3. Makes an impact on arrival
4. Is social media worthy
5. Leaves a lasting impression

To make things even easier all we need is a budget and a list of recipients and we will curate, pack, brand and send your gifts all over Australia!

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