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Corporate Giving Made Personal

Classic charcoal large tube and 'Any thing but square' box.
Personal Message

Add a Personal Message and Corporate Logo to the Guide To Your Gifts at no extra cost.

Branded Experience

Create a fully Branded Experience by adding your Company Logo and Corporate Colours to the tube.

Select Products

Customise the content to meet your budget and to reflect your Brand from our extensive range of High Quality Products.

Why choose The Goods Tube?


Our gifts are beautiful and sophisticated with unique packaging creating an instant impact upon arrival.

On brand

We tailor the content to tell your story and reflect your brand and company. The tube can be branded with corporate colour and logo (minimum quantities apply) ensuring that your gift stands out amongst all other hampers.

Attention to detail

Our Guide To Your Gifts pamphlet sets the gift apart with a detailed product description ensuring the recipient is aware of the special goods inside. Add your logo here at no extra cost.

Happy Corporate Customers!

"Before we started using The Goods Tube it was difficult and time consuming to find thoughtful and inspiring corporate gifts. With The Goods Tube we are able to tailor the gift to the recipient, and enclose a message that reinforces our brand values through the gifts inside. The branded tube also stamps the gift as uniquely ours, without compromising on the quality or the ability to make each gift a personalised creation. Working with The Goods Tube has helped us streamline our corporate gifts and enabled us to achieve a very high quality product to which we are proud to attach our brand." - The UNSW Business School

"Thank you so much for the gift. It's so different, so perfect, so you!" - Zadro Agency

"We are so overwhelmed and super chuffed by your amazing gift to us all...thanks from all of us from the bottom of our hearts. looking forward to doing a whole lot more great projects together..." - Catapult Design

"We collaborated with The Goods Tube on a range of customised and branded tubes. With an eye for detail and exceptional design, The Goods Tube worked in close collaboration with us to thoughtfully curate a unique series of client gifts that would reflect our brand position and design philosophy. The response from clients was outstanding and it was a pleasure to work with The Goods Tube team” - Hoyne

"Our conference went really really well! And the tubes were very well received - with the adults enjoying the contents of the tubes and many of their kids using the tubes pretending to be robots. So good feedback all round!" - Jacky Winter Group

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