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5 Key Aspects of Corporate Gifting

5 Key Aspects of Corporate Gifting

Back in the day, when we were looking for corporate gifts for my partner’s architecture business, we were unable to find anything we truly liked. We wanted to tell a story with our gift, a story that would reflect our brand, something that we were proud to give and something that we knew our clients would truly appreciate and enjoy. The options felt generic and with no real option of making it personal, apart from adding a short message with the gift. Out of pure desperation, we ended up creating our own gifts and that’s how The Goods Tube came about.

Brand awareness is a key element and the top reason as to why companies give gifts. What is worth remembering is that the gift tells a story, Your Story, and so it is important to consider all aspects of the gift you are handing over to your VIP clients or top prospective clients.

At The Goods Tube we pride ourselves in making Corporate Gifting a personal experience, a gift worth giving, a story worth telling and something that you will be remembered by.

"The Goods Tube was the perfect partner for curating a gift that not only hit our key targets, but oozed good taste and sleek professionalism".
Heliguy, Aerial Drone Cinematography, Australia.


These are the 5 key aspects of Corporate Gifting that we consider with our clients.

1. Create your story and make it relevant.

To make your gift stand out among all the other potential gifts a person might be receiving, the key is to make it personal and relevant. We recommend having at least one lasting item that relates directly to you and your story. For example, if you are a Real Estate Agent you can gift a bottle of wine and add a branded premium leather key ring to the new house owner as a thank you for the business.


Adroll Branded Tube

And how about adding a pair of swimming goggles or sunnies if it’s a beach pad, a cocktail set for the new first home buyers, or add a small toy for the young family buying their first family home. 

“One recipient rang me (…) it is the BEST present I have ever received! He was so excited... said it was an experience NOT just a gift! The second recipient was also very delighted (…) with the novel experience! They both commented on the superior quality of the contents and appreciated the thought that went into the assembly of the Tube".
Catherine, Law Firm, Newcastle.

2. Branding your gift as part of your marketing strategy.

A nice gift is one thing. A nice gift branded with your logo is another. Not only will the recipient recall your brand, but 79% would be likely to do business with the same company again (Source - BPMA Study). If the gift is memorable enough to talk about, it will also raise awareness of your brand among the receiver’s colleagues, friends and family. The ROI on promotional products turns out to be better than on outdoor and radio advertising; in fact, it is more equal to ROI on TV and print advertisement! Numbers that should make any marketeer jump with joy.

Branded tube




“We are so overwhelmed and super chuffed by your
amazing gift to us all...
Thanks from all of us from the bottom of our hearts.
Looking forward to doing a whole lot more great projects together..."
Catapult Design, Furniture Company, Sydney.



3. Make an impact on arrival.

If we have learnt anything from companies like Apple, Chanel and Tiffany’s it’s that the packaging must be recognizable, stylish and simple. Less is more. The packaging becomes part of the experience, part of the gift, that’s what you should be aiming for.


"Our conference went really, really well! And the tubes were very well received with the adults enjoying the contents of the tubes and
many of their kids using the tubes pretending to be robots.
So good feedback all round!"
Jacky Winter Group, Creative Production and Representation Studio, Melbourne.


4. Purpose and Personal - A Story Worth Telling

Why did you purchase this particular gift for this particular person and what did they do to deserve it? It doesn’t get more personal than writing these thoughts down on a small gift card accompanying the gift!


UNSW Branded Tube


“With The Goods Tube we are able to tailor the gift to the recipient,
and enclose a message that reinforces our brand values through the gifts inside.
The branded tube also stamps the gift as uniquely ours,
without compromising on the quality or the ability to make
each gift a personalised creation.
The UNSW Business School, Sydney.


In our endeavour to make corporate gifts personal, we created the Guide To Your Gifts. A tailored pamphlet in which we pay tribute to the people behind the brands and celebrate each product for it's quality and design and for making life more delightful. Needless to say, we believe in quality over quantity and rather than 10 not so special products, we believe 3-5 super special products tells a better story and offers a better representation of you and your brand. 

"With an eye for detail and exceptional design,
The Goods Tube worked in close collaboration with us
to thoughtfully curate a unique series of client gifts
that would reflect our brand position and design philosophy."
Hoyne, Branding & Marketing Specialist, Sydney.  

5. Convenience.

Your company is striving to be the best in your field. That is how you have a successful business. Curating, packing and shipping corporate gifts to thank your key clients is not your specialty, and nor should it be! In an overall busy schedule, corporate gifts must be utterly convenient and include the offer of sourcing, creating, tailoring, personalising, packing and shipping on your behalf. This is where The Goods Tube can help and this is our specialty.


Iconic Branded Tube

"Normally we would buy each individual item ourselves 
and would then need to pack them up. 
To have a one-stop shop providing the whole service
along with an additional branding opportunity on the packaging, is wonderful."
The Iconic, Online Fashion Retailer, Sydney.


Corporate Gifting Made Easy!

Our Anything-But-Square gifts and packaging will for sure leave a lasting impression! We offer some simple and easy solutions for you to get your brand out there:

  • A Personalised Message Card with each gift.
  • Company Logo in the Guide To Your Gifts pamphlet.
  • Tailored product selection to suit your budget and story.
  • Branded tubes.
  • Branded products.

And to make things even easier all we need is a budget and a list of recipients and we will curate, pack, brand and send your gifts all over Australia.

Aviate Property Group Branded Gift

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