Gift packaging that’s anything but square.

It’s fun being the round peg in a world of square gift boxes. It means we roll differently to the rest. Sure, people stare. But we like it that way.

You see, The Goods Tube was designed to stand out. Its curved edges, crafted from recycled cardboard, dress our consciously curated products in style and sophistication. We’re talking iconic gift packaging that makes an impact – in our branding, or customised to tell your brand story.

Ingenuity comes in all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to great giving, one size never fits all.

That’s why, our hallmark vessel comes in a family of large, medium and small tubes. We’ve made sure there’s a Goods Tube for every occasion, every gift and every budget.

Carefully packed for a journey of discovery.

Each Tube is mindfully filled with luxury products from across Australia and the globe to create an enticing gift-opening journey every time. 

And topped with a Gift Guide.

There’s a story behind every product inside The Goods Tube.

And we tell them in A Guide To Your Gifts.

The perfect Goods Tube companion, our gift guide is your map to each luxurious product -its name, origin, beauty, design and functionality.

It’s our nod to the special goods inside.