We’re gift connoisseurs.

Like a sommelier with fine wine, we pair show-stopping products with cultured stories to create gifts that make memories.

Curating a sophisticated champagne from France with mouth-watering chocolate from the Margaret River, and signature scents from New Zealand to tell your unique brand story, then carefully packaging it for maximum wow-factor – that’s our idea of a perfect day.

Anything but square.

The Goods Tube was designed to be different by our founders, Australian Architect Joe Snell and Danish importer/distributor Laura Snell.

And we’re proud of being the round peg in a world of square gift boxes.

In fact, it’s our extraordinary tube that inspires us to think outside the box every day to create a truly memorable gifting experience - for the giver and the receiver.

And we always deliver the goods.

More than an online gift store.

We know a thing or two about the art of good gifting.

It’s why we’re the trusted corporate gifting partner for a wide range of organisations across Australia.

We’ll turn your run-of-the-mill business gifting habits into a corporate gifting strategy that enhances your brand reputation, solidifies relationships and sets tongues wagging.

Elevate your brand with us