A Gift With A Difference | Our Mother's Day Giving Guide

A Gift With A Difference | Our Mother's Day Giving Guide

Mums can be tricky… we are always running around after others, we hardly ever ask for help, and when Mother’s Day rolls around we often say we don’t want much.

Take it from me – I am a Mum myself to 3 beautiful boys and us Mum's rarely get any opportunities to truly just focus on ourselves (or if you do before you know it it’s pick up time!). 

On this one day a year, it can be hard to find the perfect way to show the Mother figures in our lives how much we care and value all the things they do for us. Mum’s can be hard to buy for and no one Mum is the same. With so many options out there it can be hard to find a gift that really lets you celebrate the uniqueness of your Mum.

When we spoke a while back to the team at Ellas List – a movement of parents who love getting the most out of their communities – we discussed giving a gift with a difference. One that not only stands out but is memorable. 

This is one of the key reasons why we created The Goods Tube. We realised that in the gift market there was a lot of focus on quantity over quality, price over true value, and a lack of options that created real moments in peoples lives.

We live in a society now of people increasingly wanting to know where things come from, who made them and where. The thing about this focus on quantity is that you forget the details and the story that each product comes with - or should come with.  

This is why we don’t just choose any products to go into our tubes… but instead choose products that have a stories to tell, reasons for being and values that link closely to ours.

This is giving with a difference.

Each one of our tubes has a detailed gift guide enclosed describing the origin of the gifts with a personal message to hint why you chose this particular one for them or to say how you see them using it – giving a little insight into the thought process behind the choice.

The Guide to Your Gifts

Helping with Deliveries.

So if you are searching for that perfect Mother’s Day tube, my best advice would be to pick the one that tells a story relating to her.

For me at the moment, I am running my business at the same time as raising 3 children. And with all the energy that goes into that, I'm becoming aware that time is flying! Like most Mum’s, I have for many years, basically, since we had our first child, not really taken time out to focus on myself.

My ideal Goods Tube would be filled with some lovely pamper items like soap and nice smelling creams, perhaps the Lady Luxury Tube with a robe to laze around in on a Sunday morning (cause I am determined not to work then!!!)  

But maybe your Mum is a big foodie and loves having the family over for dinner? Then the Pasta Perfecto Tube with Rivsalt would be perfect for her.

Or with the cool winds and autumn weather, our Tea Break Tube with a handmade mug, organic tea, honey and chocolate is a winner and a gift that goes particular well with breakfast in bed (*hint hint*)!  

Regardless of whether she loves bubbles and candles, organic tea and chocolate, some pamper cream and soap - we have curated a collection of Anything-But-Square gifts that will guarantee your mum has a fantastic Mother's Day! 

Laura Eiersted Snell
Mum of 3.
Found & Director at The Goods Tube.

Shop my Mother's Day Favourites

Celebration Tube

Celebrate Mum with this classic gift of sparkling wine and chocolate!

Lady Luxury Tube

The Ultimate Mother's Day luxury with a linen robe and divine scents.

Pasta Perfecto Tube

Let Mum enjoy Pasta Perfecto with the best handmade spaghettini out of Italy!

Pink Perfection Tube

Pick the perfect gift with pink perfection!

Four Season Tube

Four items - one for every season.

Golden Celebration Tube

A luxurious gift with a bottle of Moet!

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