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Pasta Perfecto Tube

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Enjoy a Pasta Perfecto with the best handmade spaghetti out of Italy, add a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our own Mudgee region and sprinkle over some natural Himalayan salt using a new ingenious salt solution from Sweden. Voila!

Martelli : Spaghetti 1000g : Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.

In 1926, the Martelli family purchased an old pasta factory in the town of Lari, near Pisa, Tuscany and began making pasta. The craft pasta is made by slowly kneading the best durum-wheat with fresh spring water. A bronze die extrusion gives the pasta a rough texture and it is then dried at a low traditional temperature (33-36°C) for about 50 hours depending on the weather. The result is a tasty and porous pasta which allows the sauces to be absorbed well. Today, all Martelli pasta in the iconic bright yellow packs, is handmade in exactly the same way. Only members of the family work in the pasta factory. They combine long years of professionalism with the passion for keeping up the Italian craft tradition of making pasta.

Lomondo : Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml : Mudgee, NSW, Australia.

Lomondo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is grown on the rich alluvial soils of the Cudgegong River just outside of Mudgee in NSW. For years the region has been renowned for producing some of Australia's best wines. Now the same can be said for olive oil. Winning awards across the country, the success of this family run business is due to an early April harvest. The oil is processed within hours of harvesting ensuring an outstanding robust, flavoursome finish.Rich in antioxidants and cholesterol free, it has a beautifully aromatic and fruity flavour that will go perfectly with any meal.

Rivsalt : Natural Himalayan Salt, Japanese Grater and Stand in Natural Oak : Stockholm, Sweden.

Rivsalt [grated salt] is a new gastronomic experience created by Swedish entrepreneur Jens Sandringer, who came up with the concept while dining at a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant in Beijing. Natural Himalayan salt is grated onto the dish with a Japanese stainless steel grater of highest quality. The salt and grater become centerpiece of the dining table when placed in the accompanying desk stand made from untreated natural oak. Voila!

The Goods Tube : Choose Your Own

Packed in our Classic Charcoal, Playful Yellow or Festive Christmas Tubes. Delivered in our 'Anything But Square' recycled cardboard box with a Guide to Your Gifts as you pop open the lid.

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