Corporate Gifts That Give Back

Corporate Gifts That Give Back

The business world is changing… and for the better.

It’s a term that has been around for decades, but in recent years there has been a shift with consumers now holding companies accountable for their business practices. A change that has seen a connection between brands and customers established based on a shared belief in social purpose.

What we’re talking about is corporate social responsibility. A way of conducting business in an ethical manner – one that takes into account the social, economic and environmental impacts that surround their practices. 

From a focus on volunteering to ethical labour, philanthropy and reducing a carbon footprint – any business who undertakes in social responsibility practices is making a commitment to the communities in which their organisation operates.

It isn’t just a useful PR tool, but a key factor in succeeding the business world. There are real benefits for any business undertaking in this positive change towards being socially aware. It can help boost your operations, improve workplace culture, and be the difference between a client choosing you or your competitor with a 2017 Global Study finding that 77% of consumers said they would choose to pay more to purchase from companies demonstrating social responsibility.

Gifts that give back...

In today’s society, it is more important than ever to show appreciation for your customers and clients. Brand awareness and gift giving go hand-in-hand. Corporate gifting is one of the best (and most underutilised) marketing strategies that a business can deploy to help boost brand awareness and establish new relationships.

What’s important to remember is that with every corporate gift sent out, a message is sent about your brand's core values. It tells a story – your story – and it’s important to consider all aspects of a gift and how it relates back to your business. 

Now is the time to give gifts that give back. A gift that demonstrates social consciousness and establishes an emotional connection with your customers.

At The Goods Tube, we pride ourselves in making Corporate Gifting a personal experience, a gift worth giving, a story worth telling and something that you will be remembered by.

We are a business that likes to think creatively and sensibly when it comes to the products we use in our Goods Tubes. We partner with brands that are backed by passionate people who design their products in a way that limits their impact on the environment, that source organic and local ingredients, who understand fair trade and give back to the communities where the products are created. 

Some of the newest products coming to The Goods Tube range do just that…

Kakadu Plum Co.

At Kakadu Plum Co. they are committed to being able to contribute to the Aboriginal Indigenous communities. They want to bring awareness about the importance and value of not only Kakadu Plum but the Australian Native Food Industry as a whole. By increasing awareness they hope to expand the cultivating process that not only will provide more fruit for everyone to enjoy, but will hopefully provide a greater working ecosystem for Aboriginal families and communities that often the lack funds and the resources to sustain the growing demand of this produce.

Pacha Mama

The dynamic female winemaking duo behind the label are Nina Stocker and Callie Jemmeson. Based in the heart of Victoria’s idyllic Yarra Valley, Nina and Callie select their favourite varietals from regions they’re passionate about. Their aim: to produce stylish, individual wines that are great value. This eclectic pair of winemakers, who have learned their trade in places as diverse as Portugal, Italy, France, America, and New Zealand, are the heart and soul of Pacha Mama. Their passion and belief in limitless possibility is the embodiment of the earth mother herself.

Mount Zero Olives

What they harvest is of huge importance to them but how they harvest is even more important. The Mount Zero olive grove is Demeter certified Bio-dynamic practicing a holistic and chemical free approach to growing. Their collaboration with the traditional landowners of the Wimmera region, the Barengi Gadjin Land Council, with whom they harvest the Pink Lake in Dimboola, is one of their most proud associations. This partnership allows Mount Zero to show respect and acknowledgment for Australia's indigenous community while engaging to harvest and market the product.

It is no question that people are drawn to work for, buy from and support socially conscious businesses. Implementing this within your corporate gifting strategy is an effective way to build trust with your key clients and customers – and most importantly contribute towards and help those making a real difference in the world. 

Made from recycled cardboard, our tubes were created to hold the goods that value original thought, surprising creativity, and ingenious invention so you can give a gift that’s anything but square.

Whether you choose a combination from our online store or get us to curate one especially for you, we offer some simple and easy solutions for you to get your brand out there.

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