IN BED with Pip Vassett

IN BED with Pip Vassett

February 14th we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day that traces back to both Roman and Christian traditions and there are several Saint Valentines who qualify to be the day’s name giver. A popular story told is the one about a priest, Valentine, who lived in the 3rd century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II had decided that unmarried soldiers were better fighters and thus he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine felt this was unjust and decided to continue marrying young lovers in secret. When Claudius found out about it he imprisoned Valentine and sentenced him to death.

While awaiting his execution, he wrote a last farewell letter to his love, which he signed “Your Valentine”, a sentence still used on many Valentine’s cards today. The date, February 14th, may be related to the day of his death. In modern times, we remember Valentine’s story by writing a card to the ones we (secretly) love, we gift them chocolates, flowers or invite them to a romantic dinner. But, for those who want to make more of a (bold) statement there are much better gifts around, like bed linen and sleepwear from IN BED!

In her mid-20s self-acclaimed ‘Classic Romantic’ Pip Vassett, creator and director of IN BED Store, realised she started to care more about what her home looked like. Inspired by the thought that we spend many moments of our life in bed (“We eat IN BED, kiss IN BED, talk, dance, love, fight and occasionally just sleep IN BED”), she was looking for classic, soft, good quality bedlinen that was worth living in. Not being able to find what she was looking for, the thoughts to create a line herself started to take shape, “I really wanted to create something from scratch, something that I could have total creative control over. I also loved the idea of not working for, or answering to, someone else!”

Starting out her new business next to her work as a freelance stylist, she soon found that, like with love, to be successful and get what you desire, taking risks is inevitable. “It’s always scary putting out your ideas into the world and I remember being so nervous before we launched! Really, I was so nervous that nobody would visit the site or buy anything, […] all I wanted was to sell a few things and at least make back what I had initially spent!”, Pip recollects. Rewarded for her courage and perseverance, the first shipment sold out in a matter of weeks and IN BED has been a huge success ever since.

IN BED has grown and developed a lot in the few years of its existence. Last year the focus was on expanding the offering and adding new product ranges. A recent journey to Japan was part of the inspiration to kick off a new Bathe In Bed range. “I’m hugely inspired by travel – seeing how other people live and how other countries make products always spurs on new ideas and products. Plus visiting our suppliers far & wide is also a great excuse to travel!“

About the goals for this year Pip reveals: “I’m really looking to refining all the ranges – working on some new fabrications and colours along with launching a new site in a few weeks which I’m super excited for!” With Valentine's Day around the corner we asked Pip about her Valentine's wishes......

As we “spend most of our lives in bed", will you be spending your Valentine's Day in bed or do you have plans outside of the bedroom too?

"Sadly no…I’ll be heading into the office bright and early as always! But it’s a family affair in the IN BED office – my husband works with me and our pup Buddy comes into the office each day too".

What does your favorite breakfast in bed look like? 

"Pancakes & coffee!" 

If you could paint the perfect Valentine’s Day, what would it look like? 

"It would probably look a lot like my regular perfect day - Starting with a morning walk with my husband Eddie & dog Buddy to get coffee & watch Buddy go crazy running around the dog beach at Rose Bay. Then heading to Bondi for a swim & having a long lunch somewhere with a few Aperol spritz’s!"

And just a couple of your Sydney favourites...

Best breakfast? Paramount Coffee in Surry Hills

Best beach? North Bondi or Palmy

Favourite place for dinner with friends? Cho Cho San

What’s something that only a local would know?  Arthur McElhone reserve. A perfect little garden with a view over the harbour. Great for reading the paper on the grass on a sunny Saturday morning.

To celebrate Life In Bed and Valentine’s Day we made sure to add one of our IN BED favourites to The Goods Tube collection – A classic Dove Grey Linen Bathrobe, which, together with the beautifully scented skin care products by Ashley & Co, create the ultimate bold Valentine’s Day message: “Will you stay in (bed) with me this Valentine’s Day?"  

Happy Valentine!!

Photo credits: Bed Linen, Model in bed, Portrait Pip Vassett and Pillows all  by IN BED Store

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