FAIR. Worlds First Fair Trade Spirits Brand.

FAIR. Worlds First Fair Trade Spirits Brand.

We teamed up with FAIR a while back and are still amazed by this independent spirits brand founded on the wish to make high-quality products while making sure that “all the people involved, in every stage of the process, (are) treated equally” and get paid fairly for their work. Not only do they work ethically. What they create is a range of amazingly tasty products and in beautiful beautiful bottles.

FAIR. = fair

FAIR. make it their business to ensure the products they craft are based on ethically sourced materials. They travel all over the globe to seek high-quality ingredients, while always following the Fair Trade guidelines. The guidelines are there to ensure that farm and factory workers are paid fair for their labor, not just so they can buy food and shelter, but also so they can see a doctor when they need to and send their children to school.

FAIR. doesn’t just follow the norm, they try to lead by example; They deliver high-quality products while they try to inspire and change the world by building an ethical and sustainable company. Exactly that drive is what drew us to FAIR. in the first place. And with their clean and crisp design, the bottles fit perfect into the overall Goods Tube offer. To read more about this inspiring brand visit their homepage

Goji Berries

Next to Gin, Rum and a Quinoa based Vodka FAIR. also handcraft a few special liqueurs, one of which is the Goji Liqueur. It is the first ever liqueur made from the antioxidant rich Goji berries. The organic berries, which give the liqueur a unique taste pallet, are sourced from the Tibetan part of the Himalayas. It is there, away from industrial pollution, where the berries get their rich flavour and the high nutritional value they are so known for. 

Shake it up!

The FAIR. Goji liqueur is a fantastic addition to many festive cocktails. An easy one is the FAIR. Spritz: Pour a shot of FAIR. Goji in an ice filled wine glass, fill with champagne or a good sparkling wine and finish your creation by adding a slice of orange.  Ethical drinking at its best and perfect to welcome your Christmas dinner guests with!

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