Event Branding Made Easy With The Goods Tube

Event Branding Made Easy With The Goods Tube

What makes for a memorable event? 

A guest speaker? The location and décor? The food and drink?

These are great ways to excite your guests when they are there, but how are they going to remember you after they have left. What makes your event stand out from the rest?

Effective branding is the key to any successful event and any event planner will understand that this is should not just be viewed as a sales opportunity, but a chance to give their brand more exposure. 

This will make you rethink that logo pen.

Through thoughtful design, event organisers can harness the immense potential of distinctive branding by providing their guests a gift that doesn’t only relate back to the purpose of the event but tells a story about your business.

Step out and do differently.

Discover how we have tailored meaningful gifts with products that represent the uniqueness of our client's businesses (and how we can do the same for you).

Sales Event

Event: Kew Residences Event | Bondi Icebergs in Bondi Beach

Purpose: To promote interest in potential buyers of the newly developed apartment block.

What we did: We organised 100 large branded tubes for the event, all filled with beautiful Australian products including Bondi Wash and Urban Beehive Honey from Bondi Beach to reflect the location of the event.

Client Feedback: 

"Fresh, thoughtful, creative, original. The Goods Tube offers a distinguished and elegant way to delight clients on every occasion. We couldn't be happier with the end result and the selection of the corporate gifts. We have been absolutely floored by Laura's efficiency, professionalism and her ability to connect with our vision and brand values making this a unique and memorable experience. I highly recommend working with The Goods Tube team." - Kew Residences

Rebranding Event

Event: Maddocks Law Firm

Purpose: To launch the companies new corporate colours.

What we did: We tailored our medium tubes in their new corporate colours, with specific products that reflected their new branding. 

Client Feedback: 

"Working with the Goods Tube for our corporate gifts was a pleasure.  The Goods Tube sourced our hand-picked gifts and helped select the perfect size tube so we ended up with a really smart and sophisticated product.  Thank you so much for your attention to detail and commitment to our project!" Maddocks Law Firm


Corporate Event

Event: Uniq Concepts client event

Purpose: Corporate conference

What we did: The event was located in Melbourne, Victoria, so we sourced products unique to Melbourne that went into our small branded tubes to sit on the tables as centrepieces.

Client Feedback:

"We recently ran a conference for a client in Melbourne and purchased The Goods Tube for a room drop.  Dealing with Laura was so easy, and she came up with some great ideas for produce from Victoria.  The whole process was seamless, and the client was really impressed with the tubes and their contents.  We would not hesitate to put forward The Goods Tubes for any future events." - Uniq concepts


Event Branding Made Easy

Our Anything-But-Square gifts and branded packaging will leave a lasting impression!

We offer some simple and easy solutions for any sized events to get your brand out there… here is how it works:

  • Choose between mini, medium or a large Goods Tube
  • Send through your logo and colours
  • Let us tailor the content to suit your budget and story
  • We then pack and ship the goods on your behalf
  • Let the tubes do the work for you!

The Goods Tube Event Branding Made Easy Gift Hamper

And to make things even easier all we need is a budget and quantity, then we will curate, pack, brand and send your gifts all over Australia. For more information, contact us on 1300 823 344 or click 'Enquire Now' below.

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