An Anything But Square Thought

An Anything But Square Thought

Here at The Goods Tube, we offer a fresh approach to giving. We choose beautiful products from around Australia and the World and combine them in unique ways to create moments in people's lives.

But we don't just 'choose' any product. 

We search for brands that value original thought, surprising creativity, and ingenious invention.


Because great ideas should always be shared.

The goods with the great ideas… 

Every product we choose has a story to tell, a reason for being and values that link closely to ours.

What we look for when sourcing goods for our tubes are brands with a conscious.

Brands like Regal Rogue – a new World Australian vermouth created with some of the most distinguished Australian wines, married with native Australian aromatics sourced from Aboriginal farmers and packaged in a bottle wrapped in a layer of award-winning recycled paper artwork.

Or products like Ovvio Organic Tea, which is lovingly created through the knowledge, passion, and experience of renowned naturopath and herbalist Anthia Koullouros. Each thoughtful cup contains only the finest flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves free of pesticides – good for you and for the environment.

We partner with brands that are backed by passionate people who design their products in a way that limits their impact on the environment, that source organic or local ingredients, who understand fair trade and give back to the communities where they are created. 

The tube that holds it all...

Our team created a tube design early on to truly capture the essence of the unique products we represent and combine. Anything but square, this vessel is made in Australia from 100% recycled cardboard and has gone on to become the hallmark of our business. Packed in a way to create a sequence of discovery, the goods reveal themselves one at a time taking the recipient on a journey of surprise.

This is not your usual gift hamper.

We create our tubes to tell a story, and every Goods Tube has a detailed gifts guide enclosed ensuring the reader is aware of the special goods inside. The Guide to your Gifts tells the name, origin, and story behind each individual item valuing the product for their beauty, design, and functionality.

But it doesn’t end there… what you do with the tube is up to you! We are constantly impressed by some of the ingenious uses people have found for our tubes post opening, helping them live on long past delivery.

We are a brand that likes to think creatively and sensibly when it comes to the products we use in our tubes. Combined together these goods then tell a greater story – a story worth giving.

Give a gift you’d love to receive today…

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Bold Red Tube

Truly our new favourite! It’s perfect for making aperitifs and ‘Reverse classic' cocktails.

Chai & Chocolate Tube

Ovvio Organic Chai in a cup, honey to sweeten, cinnamon for fragrance, chocolate on the side. 

Lively White Tube

Another favourite by Regal Rogue! Made with native Australian aromatics sourced from Aboriginal farmers.

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