Fuss Free Gentlemen - Nick Benson of Gentleman's Brand Co

Fuss Free Gentlemen - Nick Benson of Gentleman's Brand Co

Gentleman's Brand was one of our first go to product for Men's grooming needs. It has never disappointed and currently the brand is killing it on a number of new markets around the world. We caught up for a quick chat with Nick Benson, Founder, Brand Director and Gentleman. 

We love the simplicity and quality of your products.  Can you share what were the reasons behind starting Gentleman’s Brand Co and also a bit of your brand vision with us?

Gentleman’s Brand Co. was conceived from a genuine need. We wanted to use skincare that responded to our constant exposure to the elements. We wanted Australian made and we wanted natural. That didn’t exist in the men’s market. So we made it!

You have great transparency of ingredients in your products and a strong commitment to using natural plant based ingredients. Some of them sound good enough to eat! Can you tell us about your favourite natural ingredients and their benefits?

We love the Kakadu Plum. One of the richest sources of Vitamin C in the world it’s a powerful antioxidant, which means it’s great at preventing the damage and degradation of the skin. We also love Australian Macadamia Oil, it’s a great source of hydration and protection against the elements. Stay protected and stay hydrated! Skincare 101.

As a lifestyle brand what are some of your favourite products and brands? (present company excluded!)

  • Sydney Romantics - amazing guys repping Sydney with killer design and a smile - definitely drop in and say hi to Jodia, Ricky and Ryan.
  • Johnson Tailors - an updated, modern tailor experience (and a damn beautiful space).
  • Grandiflora - guys! do yourselves a favour and visit Saskia for your next bunch. ‘She’ will love them.

What is your favourite gentleman’s gift you’ve ever received?

I’m a sucker for a great bottle of whisky. I also really value experiences over products, a great dinner, or an unexpected trip is always welcome.

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday 4th September.  Can you share how gentlemen celebrate this special day? 

I think the best way to celebrate this day is to actually LISTEN to your father and help him have the day that he wants. For my dad it will be a great breakfast, relaxing during the day and cooking something low and slow through the afternoon. Great wine and his family.

Gentleman’s Brand is selling in Europe, Asia and North American. How have you found the cultural differences selling in different regions – are all men the same? Or, how does the Australian market compare?

All men are the same!!

Generally men want simple, easy to understand and nothing unexpected. We are all generally time poor and want to find products that work. I think that’s a universal goal, I think. Products that we don’t have to think about, that look great and most importantly make us look great!

What’s next for the Gentleman’s Brand Co?

We have some fun things on the way, different ways to purchase, some beautiful new content and something that smells really good ;) 

Finish this sentence. Every man needs…. gratitude!

Your favourite parts of Sydney...

Best breakfast? Single Origin Roasters

Best beach? Parsley Bay

Best bar? 10 William St

Best weekend away? Pearl Beach

What’s something only a local would know?

The Oak Barrel - one of the best bottle shops in the world!! Small batch champagne’s, skin contact wines, an incredible cellar and hundreds of craft beers.

For more info visit www.gentlemansbrand.co

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