Australian Foodie Tube
Australian Foodie Tube
Australian Foodie Tube
Australian Foodie Tube
Australian Foodie Tube
Australian Foodie Tube

Australian Foodie Tube

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Description of Australian Foodie Tube

A taste of Australian flavours and foods. A range of delectable snacks and condiments to create an Aussie platter of goodness.

Mount Zero Olives : Lemon Pressed EVOO : Sunshine West, VIC.

Planted in the 1940s, Mount Zero Olive Grove is one of the oldest olive groves in Australia. Purchased in 1993 by Jane and Neil Seymour with dreams of a simpler life and together with their son Richard they have built a brand over the past 20 years. The grove is Demeter certified Bio-dynamic and is self-sustaining in its farming practices - feeding the trees directly from the soil rather than chemical inputs and the energy supply is sourced from off-grid wind and solar generators. The Lemon Pressed EVOO is produced in the Agrumato style of cold pressing whole lemons and olives together. This combines the fruity olive character with the zest of lemon for delectable results. 330ml.

Mount Zero Olives : Pink Lake Natural Salt Grinder : Sunshine West, VIC.

Just 50km from the Mount Zero Olive grove in Western Victoria sits a vast salt lake with a striking pink hue. The lake is fed by natural salt aquifers and each summer dries out to reveal a bed of salmon-coloured pink salt. Mount Zero and the Barengi Gadjin Land Council, representing the Wimmera's traditional land owners, hand harvest a small amount of salt from the lake each year in a respectful collaboration. The packaging artwork is by Aunty Nancy Harrison, an Wotjobaluk Elder. Her painting is titled ‘Bush Tukka’ showing two fish and a turtle and it relates to the huge importance of the Wimmera River and the wetland systems. Fed by natural aquifers, Pink Lake is an intrinsic part of this ecology. 150g.

Mount Zero Olives : Mixed Olives : Sunshine West, VIC.

Serving up naturally fermented olives, a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of herbs, packaged in a convenient grab-and-go pouch. Native pepperberry and rosemary combine to produce an earthy, robust olive with an aromatic and pleasant zing. 80g.

After careers in high-end restaurants and catering in Europe and Brisbane, Kristina and Pete found themselves during the time of Covid 2020 with an opportunity to explore a new project: bottling their much-loved condiments. It is a culmination of pantry staples that will bring your food to the next level. Made with real, seasonal ingredients and no fillers to let the produce speak for itself. 200ml.

The Wondersnack Co. was born out of Christy Loekito's desperate search for decent savoury snacks that weren't heavily processed or full of additives and flavourings. Now a specialist in small-batch snacks with unique flavours, taking inspiration from the diverse and exciting flavours of the world and creating enticing one-of-a-kind products. 60g. 

The Goods Tube : Large Tube.

Carefully packaged in a Goods Tube design of your choice. Delivered in our 'Anything But Square' recycled cardboard box with a Guide to Your Gifts as you pop open the lid.