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The Picnic Tube

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Make for a special occasion with The Picnic Tube featuring this superb handmade Italian cheese knife by Italian Coltelleria Saladini - especially brought in by The Goods Tube cause we love it so much! Matched with Swedish Oak cheese board, Award-winning Tabletop Grapes from the hills of Victoria, Sea Salt crackers and the Gorgonzola of Honey 'Wild Thyme' by J.Friends & Co.  

Coltelleria Saladini : Parmesan Knife : Scarperia, Italy.

The ancient medieval town of Scarperia was founded by the Republic of Florence in 1306. It has fully earned its name as the “town of knives”. Ever since it was founded, the town has always shown its particular talent for crafting cutting tools and this ancient art form has made the town famous the world over. The first signs of the Saladini family working as master knifemakers in Scarperia dates back to in 1841. In 1984 Leonardo Saladini embarked upon his adventure as a knifemaker. With true dedication and attention to detail, with art and passion and the motto 'First love knife is never forgotten' Saladini has created a supurb line of knives, transforming tradition into design with history, handcraft and wit as the main ingredients. Handle is made of olive wood. Total length: 20 cm. Blade length: 7 cm.

Funkis : Cheese Board in Oak : Sweden.

With a strong Swedish influence, Funkis creates quality items for the home, made from natural materials sourced directly from the forests of Sweden. The funkis ethos is building on customers who demand style and sustainability within every aspect of the business. Made from natural materials sourced directly from the forests of Sweden. The cheese board is made from treated oak measuring 12x23 cm.

Tabletop Grapes: Clusters Muscatel 250g : Irymble, VIC, Australia.

The Tabletop Grapes journey began, when Gino and Elina Garreffa followed their passion to be on the land, both leaving their professional positions to pursue full time work in agriculture. In 1972, they bought their first property in Mildura, in far north west Victoria, known for its abundant sunshine, rich red loam soil and irrigated water from the Murray River. Wanting dried fruit that was rich in its true, natural flavour, the family developed a unique method that produces exactly that, a premium tasting product that is 100% chemical free dried and delicious; GMO free, no preservatives, no sulfur, no added sugar, no added oils. The Muscatel Clusters is a seeded variety and the result of their passion to produce a truly unique flavour in its natural form. Enjoy along side cheese and wine. 

The Fine Cheese Co. : Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers 150g: Bath. England.

The Fine Cheese Co. is a maturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of artisan British cheeses based in historic Bath, England. They stock over a hundred hand-made British cheeses and have also made it their business to know what flatters it and makes it a new experience. A dedicated and unique range of Crackers such as these with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt are the result. 

J. Friends & Co : Wild Thyme 160g : Butchers Dam, Central Otago, New Zealand. 

J. Friend & Co, led by Sharyn Woodnorth and Jeremy Friend, has a strong philosophy ensuring that their honey is natural, pure and regionally distinct with each honey attributed to its beekeeper. Wild Thyme honey is strong, aromatic and pungently herbal and is often referred to as the 'Gorgonzola of honey'. As well as tasting delicious, Wild Thyme honey has one of the highest antioxidant ratings for any honey in the world, (3 to 4 times higher than other honeys) and is also very high in antibacterial activity.  

The Goods Tube : Choose Your Own.

Choose between Classic Charcoal or Playful Yellow. Delivered in our 'Anything But Square' recycled cardboard box with a Guide to Your Gifts as you pop open the lid.

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