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Remarkable & Game Tube


Bollinger, a Swedish camping axe and Bicycle playing cards. We think we just created a classic.

Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works : Small Axe 0.55kg blade : Storvik, Sweden.

Wetterlings was established in 1880, and produces a range of axes in its factory out of Storvik, Sweden. They are passionate about axes and it shows in this light-weight versatile axe, perfect for camping and, as they put it, wildlife experiences. The curved hickory handle makes it ideal for clearing a forest camp, making kindling and simple carving and sculpture. The leather sheath is especially charming, and protects the turpentine axe head made of Swedish carbon steel. A great booklet is in accompaniment advising on chopping, splitting, splitting with a wedge, sharpening, oiling, greasing and, interestingly, warming your axe. Made to last a lifetime all axes are handmade and eye measured, meaning yours is absolutely unique. 6.5x14cm

Bollinger : Champagne Special Cuvee 750mL : France.

We agree that Bollinger is an icon among non-vintage champagnes - and for us it just went with a Swedish axe. The Special Cuvee was first created in 1911 and has become Bollinger's key figure champagne. Bollinger is an independent house dating from 1829 and the Special Cuvee results from the delicate blending of harvest grapes and a majority of reserve wines, including some aged in magnums for more than 15 years in Bollinger's cellars.

The United States Playing Card Company : Bicycle Standard Index Cards, Blue/Red : USA.

One of the world's most popular playing cards, the Bicycle brand has been trusted since 1885. Each deck is crafted using custom paper and coatings, making them easy to shuffle, deal and play. Sometimes you can’t beat a classic.

The Goods Tube : Choose Your Tube.

Choose between Classic Charcoal or Playful Yellow at checkout. Delivered in our 'Anything But Square' recycled cardboard box with a Guide to Your Gifts as you pop open the lid.

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