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Mindfulness Tube

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A gift that keeps on giving. Our mindfulness tube features organic tea for health and happiness, raw urban honey to support our inner city bee colonies, edible flowers to support the growing and greening of our cities, beeswax wraps to reduce plastic waste in the kitchen, native lemon myrtle and kakadu plum blend to support our native super foods and indigenous communities, and finally a book on small ways to shape our world. From little things big things grow. 

Ovvio Organic Tea : No. 23 Ruby Heart Berry Organic Tea 100g Loose Leaf : Paddington, NSW, Australia. 

With the tagline "Healing the world one cup of tea at a time" Ovvio Organic Tea is lovingly created through the knowledge, passion and experience of renowned naturopath and herbalist Anthia Koullouros. Each cup contains only the finest flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves free of pesticides. All Ovvio's teas come in reusable tins or compostable refill bags as part of their 'refill revolution'. The Ruby Heart Berry Tea is a tart fruity treasure of flowers and berries, rich red and bejewelled. Winner of the 2015 Golden Leaf Awards for best herbal tea. Organic ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, Rosehip, Juniper berry. Caffeine free. 

The Urban Beehive : Raw Sydney Local Honey 60g : Sydney, NSW, Australia.  

The Urban Beehive put beehives on city backyards, businesses, community gardens and on rooftops; from Bondi to Marrickville - even the Botanic Gardens. Across Sydney, the bees are enjoying some great views! Internationally bees are in drastic decline and The Urban Beehive is here to help reverse that trend. 100% raw honey from Sydney.  

The Little Veggie Patch Co. : Edible Flowers Seed Kit 5 seed packs : Melbourne, VIC, Australia. 

With the growth of the slow food movement and a heightened awareness of our produce, The Little Veggie Patch Co. are part of the trend by bringing us wonderfully packaged seeds ensuring tomatoes continue to taste like tomatoes and encouraging the world to keep real food alive. More than just decoration, flowers also fulfill a key companion role in the veggie patch - encouraging predators and pollinators to play - and offer a range of subtle tastes, textures and colours at mealtime. The seed kit contains heirloom flower seeds (nasturtium, viola, cornflower, hyssop and sunflower), planting instructions, biodegradable propagating pots and reusable plant labels. 

Kakadu Plum Co. : Organic Lemon Myrtle with Kakadu Plum Superfood Blend 50g : Caulfield, VIC, Australia. 

Kakadu Plum Co. is a social enterprise that celebrates and supports Australian Indigenous communities and the native food industry with a direct impact from each purchase. For thousands of years Indigenous Australians have used bush foods for their medicinal and health properties. Lemon Myrtle is one native bush food that has been a traditional source of bush tucker for centuries, producing a robust lemony flavour. Added with Kakadu Plum (5%) the blend is packed with nutritional goodness. The Kakadu Plum Powder has been wild harvested from a Kimberly Region community managed by Traditional Owners. Use the blend in cakes, dressings and smoothies, sprinkle on salads, pasta, soups and cereal, add to in muesli bars, bread and protein balls. Get creative with Aussie Superfoods!  

Honeybee Wrap : Reusable Beeswax Wraps 3 pack : Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia. 

A user friendly eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. A brand that originated in the family kitchen in the Northern Rivers near beautiful Byron Bay and with the goal of greener alternative to preserve food without the use of plastic. Made with 100% organic cotton infused with a special blend of local organic beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, jojoba oil and natural tree gum products which have antibacterial properties. Perfect for storing all types of fruit, veggies, snacks or lunches. Great for covering salad bowls, fermented food or platters at your next BBQ. Contains 1 x Large (35cmx34cm), 1 x Medium (30cmx26.5cm), 1 x Small (21x21cm). 

Igniting Change : Small Ways To Shape Our World :  Balaclava, VIC, Australia.  

We want to be part of the solution, not the problem; but the issues facing us - whether local or global - often seem too hard to tackle. This meaningful, practical and simple book contains fifty small ideas that will inspire you to make changes in your everyday life that will quietly reshape our world. Small Ways to Shape Our World is an inspiring call to action, a powerful reminder that there's more to life than what you see, and a guide to reshaping our world with small acts of kindness, thoughtfulness and quiet rebellion. Igniting Change is a small charity that's passionate about sparking big, positive change with people doing it tough in our communities. 

The Goods Tube : Choose Your Tube.

Choose between Classic Charcoal, Playful Yellow or Festive Christmas. Delivered in our 'Anything But Square' recycled cardboard box with a Guide to Your Gifts as you pop open the lid.

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