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Afternoon Essentials Tube

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The tools for a productive and energising yet relaxing afternoon featuring an Australian handmade cup and organic tea from Byron Bay, the Get _it Done notebook by MiGoals and the Epoca ‘Volvo of pens’ by Swedish brand Ballograf. A final touch of pampering with the ever so popular Leif Hand Balm just so you can smell and feel delicious whilst writing :-)  

Robert Gordon : Swatch Organic Mug : Pakenham, VIC.

Robert Gordon is one of Australia’s last large scale potteries with more than sixty years of heritage, from a tin shed and one potters wheel, through three generations of potters, Robert Gordon is a proud Australian family business creating an ever expanding range of pottery and ceramics. Each piece passes through the hands of skilled crafts people, some of whom have been with the company for over 25 years. The ever so popular Swatch Organic Mug is part of their Australian made range, half dipped with a natural finish and organic feel and sure to make any day a cuppa tea kind of day. 

Mayde Tea : Organic Tea 25g : Byron Bay, NSW. 

After embracing tea in her own health journey, naturopath Kate Dalton now shares her passion for plant-based healing and natural living through the Mayde Tea collection. Born out of a deep love for the natural healing properties of plants and a desire to cultivate simple daily rituals to enrich our wellbeing. Naturopathically blended 100% organic loose leaf tea, free from artificial colours & flavours, created to achieve harmony within the body. 

MiGoals : Get _it Done Notebook : Melbourne, VIC. 

MiGOALS started with an idea - to design a simple product to help people take their goals from dream to action. Motivated by the huge amount of planners and notebook on the market but none with a design specifically helping you to focus on your goal, their first range was released in 2010. The gamble paid off and now tens of thousands of people have used MiGOALS products to define their goals, live their dreams and get _it done.  MiGOALS is more than a stationery brand. It's a global community of dream chasers and action takers. And in our opinion, the first really cool Australian stationary brand we've come across! Features daily To-Do list and how to get from to do to done. A5, 100gsm, 64 pages, paper card cover, FSC certified paper. 

Ballograf : Epoca Pen White : Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The award-winning Epoca is a Ballograf classic, designed in the early 60’s and voraciously popular worldwide. It combines stunning design with optimal functionality in every pen, comfortable in the hand and endlessly reliable. The design truly makes the ballpoint-pen a must have for everyone. Manufactured in Gothenburg by the country's only left pen manufacturers. The ink is certified Swedish archive and writes 8000 m. This pen has every perquisite to follow you on your journey through life.

Leif : Buddha Wood Hand Balm 75g : Surry Hills, NSW.

Leif celebrates the unique flora of Australia by combining botanical extracts with pure essential oils in their beautiful and unique products. Coming from a background of industrial design has ensured that they have the most beautiful packaging around. This pocket sized hydrating hand balm has a formula rich in super nourishing Australian extracts with therapeutic properties and antioxidants. Buddha Wood Oil has a distinctive woody aromatic scent capturing a unique and earthy essence of the Australian outback. Does wonders due to its calming, grounding effect. Sandalwood Oil improves mental alertness, reduces stress and nervous tension. Sweet Orange Oil is known for its uplifting properties.

The Goods Tube : Classic Charcoal Large

Carefully packaged in our Classic Charcoal Tube. Delivered in our 'Anything But Square' recycled cardboard box with a Guide to Your Gifts as you pop open the lid.

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